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The ingredients of Gongjin-dan, a healthy pill for the emperor, is put in a stick after the modern reinterpretation.

Portable and squeezable liquid type product is just the right one for modern people. 10 ingredients are put into the stick after being extracted at low temperature for a long time.

  • Maximized Effective Componetns

    To minimize nutrient loss, we extract the ingredients at the low temperature of 80℉. We concentrate the ingredients for three days, 4,300 minutes, to extract the effective components.

  • Patent Technology

    Some people including the elderly cannot easily digest ginsenoside, pharmaceutical ingredient of wild ginseng, and the absorption rate decreases as one gets older and has weaker digestive organs. We increased the absorption rate with a fermentation technology that breaks ginsenoside into smaller pieces.

  • Recommended for

    -those who go on business trips a lot

    -office worker and students who use brain a lot

    -those who are physically exhausted

    -those who get easily tired

    -those who should stay focused for a long time

    -those who drink often

    -those who need to take care of health

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