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ChungOkGo Jung

ChungOkGo Jung


Cheongok-go is first recorded in history about 800 years ago. It was a healthy food taken by Kublai Khan, the founder of the Yuan Dynasty, made with 4 ingredients of red ginseng foxglove, poria cocos, and honey. The paste with high concentration is put into a stick, making it portable.

  • Double boiling for 5 days

    With the whole root of fermented red ginseng without water and the optimal mix of three major ingredients are double boiled for three days at 90℃, cooled down for a day, and double boiled once more for one day. It takes total five days to make the product

  • Patent Technology

    Some people including the elderly cannot easily digest ginsenoside, pharmaceutical ingredient of ginseng, and the absorption rate decreases as one gets older and has weaker digestive organs. We increased the absorption rate with a fermentation technology that breaks ginsenoside into smaller pieces.

  • Recommended for

    -students who should stay focused for a long time

    -office workers exhausted from excessive work and frequent overtime work

    -middle-aged women who feel changes in their body and health

    -people who get easily tired because of using too much energy

    -people who feel the need of health care

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